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Stay on top of compliance updates, registration documents, upcoming due dates and more with Affinity Single Portal® — a multistate solicitation registration platform exclusively for nonprofits.

Raise funds legally in any state with full support from Affinity Fundraising Registration.

Nonprofit Fundraising Registration Compliance

Knowing how to register a nonprofit in any state is complicated—we’re here to help.


Fundraise Legally

In any state across the nation—whether you’re working through them one by one, or jumping straight to nationwide registration, our cloud-based software offers the convenience of one online location to cover all of your state registration needs.


Partner Affordably

With multiple service levels to choose from that meet your administrative needs, Affinity Single Portal® will help you stay organized and efficient when filing for charitable solicitation compliance at a price guaranteed to be competitive.


File Comprehensively

Setting the industry standard, Affinity was the first registration provider to support users with an all-online environment, and it remains the most comprehensive and user-friendly option for entering and tracking registration data, without cutting corners.


Expect Transparency

Our team at Affinity values three main principles as we support your charitable efforts: a commitment to transparency, a prioritized people-focused approach, and a dedication to comprehensive coverage.


Communicate Openly

With several decades of experience, an expansive database of resources, and prompt email/phone responses, the Affinity team is here because of you and exclusively for you—ready to support our nonprofit partners.

What State Nonprofit Registration Services are Available?

The Affinity Single Portal® powers multiple registration service options. Charities who find they need additional support throughout the process can trust Affinity to customize additional care.


Full Support

A professional, people-oriented service for all initial state registrations, filing extensions, renewals, and annual reports.

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Software Licensing

A comprehensive do-it-yourself option that allows you to assist other nonprofits using our unique cloud-based software.

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What Our Customers Say

"Your services are greatly appreciated! I would NOT want to go this alone!"

Marya Kravets


"Everyone at Affinity as been an absolute joy to work with. They’re so responsive, they make this work a breeze."

Garrette Ashley


"Thank you so much for keeping us in compliance. There is no way we could handle this without Affinity."

Debra Cleaver


"Affinity makes this as smooth as can be!"

Sheila Marucut


"One of the things at the top of my list to be thankful for this holiday is you and all your Affinity team members. :) Compliance is very important to us and we can’t imagine accomplishing all of this without your expertise and efficiency!"

Virginia Hughes


"Thank you so much for laying everything out so clearly, I really appreciate the effort."

Lisa Schergen


"Easy to use, customer service is helpful and reliable"

Alexandra Quesinberry


"The portal is very user-friendly and staff are easy to work with"

Sheila Marucut


"Affinity helps streamline a cumbersome process and the staff are great"

Lisa Schergen


"Your customer care is superb - I feel very reassured after reading your email. Thank you for re-reviewing our account to verify things are on track."

Tom Scanlan


"I do not feel alone or as confused with the whole process."

Sarah Hansen


"I am always so grateful for everything Affinity does for Marquette."

Michelle Gran


"Thank you to all involved. Thanks to everyone involved. So far, Affinity has been the best service we've used. While bumps are expected, I appreciate your support and everything you do for NIP."

Nick Leisey


"We are so grateful for all the assistance you offered to get this [state issue] resolved and your professionalism. You went above and beyond. I go on vacation starting Saturday and words can't express how happy I am that this was resolved before I left the office. Your team is THE BEST!!!"

Scott Kanuha


"I hope you don't mind me saying you are a godsend!! With my colleagues having left, it has made for a bit more anxiety on my end, but chatting through everything with you has felt so informative and thus comforting."

Lina Fabricius Ahlgreen


"Thanks so much for all your help! I appreciate your responsiveness and your willingness to answer all my questions. It's all brand new to me so I'm learning as well. Hopefully this time next year I'll be a little better versed in it all."

Missy Thomas


"The Affinity Staff have been excellent in helping us navigate the ever-changing waters of State charitable registrations. It is one less thing we have to worry about and helps give our donors confidence in our transparency and keeps us legal within the States."

Wayne Everbach


"I really appreciate all the knowledge Affinity has and how great of a resource your organization has been."

Tracey Hulick


"Thanks so much for all your help! You and the rest of your team have made a complicated process understandable and manageable, for which we are grateful. We are looking forward to next year when the learning curve won’t be as steep and the 990 should be available much sooner."

Virginia Hughes


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