Seal of Compliance

State-Mandated Fundraising Registration Disclaimers and Disclosures

Tell constituents you are registered and in compliance with state laws at the click of a button with a Seal of Compliance verification graphic!

Simply insert one line of code anywhere on your website. Your custom Seal of Compliance will function just like the graphic on this page.

Clicking the Seal on your site will display not only a list of all of the states in which your company is registered to raise funds legally, but it will also display all required state-mandated disclaimers and disclosures for fundraising, satisfying state requirements for diplay on your website. Click the image below to see a sample in action.

Affinity keeps all content up-to-date automatically as part of our Full Support services at no extra cost, so you don't have to double check and review it every year.

Customers can control the size of the Seal by adjusting width and height values.

Use of the Seal is entirely optional. Neither the Seal nor the validation page is accessible unless and until the code is added to an organization's website.

To view your unique key within your Affinity Single Portal® account, login and visit the Resources Tab.


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