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There is no such thing as simple charity registration, but with Affinity’s help you can streamline the process as much as possible. Below are a few resources we’ve found useful that might help you, too. Browse articles, sign up for webinars, and get some commonly used PDFs as you learn the many ins and outs of fundraising registration.


States Requiring Fundraising Registration

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State Databases of Compliant Nonprofits

Links to individual state databases

State Statutes of Fundraising Registration

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State Fees and Fines for Late Filing

States That Charge Late Fees at Initial Registration

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Does a Donate Button on My Website Trigger Registration Requirements?

For nonprofit organizations, online donations represent a vital funding channel, and a ‘donate’ button on a website is often the key to unlocking donor generosity. However, what may seem like a straightforward tool can come with a complex set of state regulations, demanding careful navigation to maintain compliance. Understanding the landscape is critical for any […]

February 9, 2024

What States Require Fundraising Registration For Nonprofits and Charities?

The landscape of fundraising registration compliance is complex and intricate and can often be overwhelming, especially when organizations operate across multiple state jurisdictions. It’s crucial for charitable institutions to comply with state laws to ensure they can carry out their mission seamlessly and without interruptions. This page serves as an extensive guide providing information about […]

September 21, 2023

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