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“I love working with Affinity. The portal is great because it shows an organization's leadership the value they are receiving for their fees and makes the insanity of charity registration palpable and manageable."
Nonprofit Consultant,
Michael Wesolowski
“We started this journey with another vendor; we had registrations that lapsed, and we spent a lot of time working to restore state registrations. Once we signed up for service with Affinity, we were provided with a thorough overview of the process, including a specific timeline based on our fiscal year… Everyone I have spoken to at Affinity has displayed the highest level of professionalism and worked to ensure the best customer outcomes.”
US Operations Director,
Hope for Justice, Inc.
“I had worked with another company in a previous job, but at a large firm you lose all sense of customer service. At Affinity, the customer service was great, and they were very helpful. The system is what the system is. We have to register in states, it's going to take time, you have to upload certain documents. I think Affinity makes it easy to do so. I would recommend them to any nonprofit.”
Executive Director,
HIAS Foundation
“It’s nice to be actually talking, and have a connection… instead of just a number in a portal.”
Chief Administrative Officer
“Affinity did a good job of taking a relatively complex process and breaking down the actions required from us into manageable pieces. They have been thorough with explanations and patient with our sometimes delayed responses."
Assistant Development Officer
“WOW! Affinity is fantastic. If I am ever asked who can help with State Registrations you can be assured that I will give you an A+ recommendation. You were the best find that I could have hoped for when we found our organization was faced with this issue. We'll never be able to thank you guys enough."
In-house Counsel
“One of the things I do appreciate about Affinity is how you really seem to be leaders in the sector with communicating with the states and having sway with [them].”
Operations Coordinator
“[We appreciate] the personal and professional attention given to us by the senior staff, the President in particular. Prompt responses to our questions have enabled us to process state applications in a very timely manner."
Armed Services Association Controller
“You’re going to take a lot of pressure off of me, which I appreciate! And I’ve appreciated working with you over the years!”
Director of Administration
“Affinity is extremely helpful to work with. It is wonderful to turn over everything to them."
“Marc Lee spent about 1.5 hours with us on initial fact finding to thoroughly explain what is involved in the registration process. This enabled me to present the information to our Board and move forward with national registration. ”
Foundation Executive Director

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