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The legal requirements for fundraising registration are ever changing. As a FREE service to the nonprofit community, we gladly provide registration tips and updates both to our clients and to do-it-yourselfers.

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Charity Registration Services

Affinity Fundraising Registration provides state charity registration services to nonprofits. At Affinity you will find relief from your administrative burden that makes the registration process as streamlined, accurate, and timely as possible.

Affinity solves any nonprofit's registration challenges with an awesome staff and our online Affinity Single Portal® system.

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An example of how registration tracking is available to customers on the Affinity Single Portal.

Customers get cutting edge resources and trusted support at nonprofit prices.

Choose from 3 solutions to your charity registration needs:

1. Custom Care

When you need more than standard state registrations: expedited service, unique corporate filings, additional registered agents, and more.

2. Full Support Online Fundraising Registration

Professional, partnership-based services for all initial registrations, extensions, renewals, and annual reports.

3. Independent Registration

A do-it-yourself solution to start or keep in-house charity registration streamlined so you can meet deadlines and avoid unnecessary late fees.