The Affinity Single Portal®

Charitable Solicitation Registration Platform

File fundraising registration state-by-state or nationwide with assistance from the Affinity Single Portal®.

Setting the industry standard, Affinity was the first registration provider to support users with an all-online environment, and it is still the most complete and user-friendly option for entering and tracking your compliance needs, without cutting corners.

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One Platform, All State Registrations

Like TurboTax is for taxes, the Affinity Single Portal® is designed for nonprofit state fundraising compliance.

Benefit from the following features:

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    Online customer interface, option for multiple logins
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    Attentive customer service, reliable email & phone support
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    Automated report and compliance form population
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    Digital guides through online and paper filings

Empowering Comprehensive Charity Compliance at Different Service Levels

This is the engine that powers our full support services, independent registration, and our affiliate licensing.


Full Support Plus

All the benefits of a Full Service option with added care and attention, specific to your unique nonprofit’s needs.


Full Support

A professional people-oriented service that gets you out of redundant compliance paperwork and back to your mission.


Independent Registration

A do-it-yourself in-house option for charitable organizations to efficiently meet deadlines and avoid unnecessary late fees.

Charitable State Registration

Charity Compliance Disclaimers

A Compliance Disclaimer is often required whenever solciting for funds — Affinity provides this for you on a unique landing page with all required information, included with our Full Support services.

Read more about this on our Seal of Compliance page.

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