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Affinity Fundraising Registration presents free webinars and resources as a support to the nonprofit community regardless of registration status. Please join us for an upcoming presentation, or if you wish to view a previous presentation, feel free to emails us for more information.



14th Annual New Development Updates

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2023 was filled with a number of state registration process changes. Attend our FREE webinar to receive a run-down on every compliance change we tracked, and what to look for in the year to come.

Following old methods could result in wasted time and unnecessary fines for your organization.

This annual review of all state registration regulation changes and priorities from the last year will cover new developments, enforcement efforts, technology and resources available to help you best stay in compliance this year. Make sure you’re free to raise funds legally in 2024 and up-to-date on the details you need to stay compliant in every state at this complimentary webinar presented by Affinity.

From this webinar, you'll get the scoop on:

  • State enforcement changes
  • State deadline changes
  • Fines, new and old, which you should probably expect
  • Learn many details that have changed in different states including: CA, FL, MA, MI, MS, NC, NJ, VA, WV, and more.
  • Forthcoming changes to watch for
  • Cloud-based DIY registration solutions
  • Tips on saving money in the registration process
  • ...and more!

Affinity helps nonprofits file in compliance to fundraise with confidence. Raising awareness and support are important parts of every nonprofit’s operations—but with direct and indirect fundraising comes state filing regulations. We help you navigate the complicated registration process so that your charity can raise funds legally in any state.

This webinar is available to the nonprofit community as a complimentary service regardless of registration status.

— The Team at Affinity

Length: 50 min plus Q & A


Maia Lee
Led By

Maia Lee


Tuesdayday, January 30, 2024


ionicons-v5-f 1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

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