Tennessee Fundraising Consultant and Solicitor State Registration Definitions

Every State Names and Defines Fundraising Professionals Differently

Fundraising Consultant is similar to Fundraising Counsel, but there may be different definitions from one state to the next. A Fundraiser is often the same as a Professional Solicitor, but not always.


All mention of Professional fund raising counsel (Sec 8) removed from TN statute effective 7/1/2017 (8) Professional fund raising counsel -- section deleted (9) Professional solicitor means any person who, for a financial or other consideration, solicits contributions for, or on behalf of, a charitable organization, whether such solicitation is performed personally or through such person's agents, servants or employees or through agents, servants or employees specially employed by or for a charitable organization, who are engaged in the solicitation of contributions under the direction of such person, or a person who plans, conducts, manages, carries on or advises a charitable organization in connection with the solicitation of contributions. Any independent marketing agent or entity to whom a professional solicitor assigns fund raising or solicitation responsibilities shall be deemed to be a professional solicitor for purposes of this part. A salaried officer or permanent employee of a charitable organization is not deemed to be a professional solicitor. However, any salaried officer or employee of a charitable organization that engages in the solicitation of contributions for compensation in any manner for more than one (1) charitable organization is deemed a professional solicitor. A professional solicitor does not include an attorney, investment counselor, or banker who in the conduct of such person's profession advises a client;

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