Maine Fundraising Consultant and Solicitor State Registration Definitions

Every State Names and Defines Fundraising Professionals Differently

Fundraising Consultant is similar to Fundraising Counsel, but there may be different definitions from one state to the next. A Fundraiser is often the same as a Professional Solicitor, but not always.


"Professional fund-raising counsel" means any person or entity who is retained, for compensation, by a charitable organization to plan, manage, advise or provide consultation services with respect to the solicitation in this State of contributions, but who does not solicit contributions, has neither custody nor control of contributions and does not directly or indirectly employ, procure or engage any person or entity compensated to solicit contributions. A bona fide nontemporary salaried officer or employee of a charitable organization is not considered to be a professional fund-raising counsel. An attorney, investment counselor or banker who advises any person to make a contribution to a charitable organization is not, as the result of such advice, a professional fund?raising counsel.

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