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Complimentary Charity Compliance Tutorials from Affinity

Affinity Fundraising Registration presents free webinars and resources as a support to the nonprofit community regardless of registration status. Please join us for the upcoming presentations:

Mid-year Check Up:
How to Assess Your Fundraising Registration Health

Check on Your Charity Compliance Health Status With Affinity Fundraising Registration

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
1pm ET, 10am PT

It’s mid-year and you are starting to get state notices — some in which you didn’t even know you had registered… Maybe you started a new role and inherited this responsibility from a predecessor. Maybe a well intending board member registered your organization in one or multiple states and failed to maintain them. Whatever the reason, you find yourself not knowing what to do and just how much you don’t know. So how do you unearth your total registration status and learn what it will take to maintain it? By joining this free webinar!

There are crucial elements to nationwide registration — find out how to ensure your organization is prepared and in good "health" before (and after) committing to compliance.

This webinar gives an advanced outline of how to assess your current registration, and what to know to maintain it moving forward. By attending, you will:

  • Learn how to verify your existing compliance and translate state notices

  • Understand how to maintain or withdrawal registrations in one or more states

  • Find out if your organization needs an audit or a CPA review

  • Learn in which states you also need a corporate registration and/or registered agent (and in which you don’t)

  • Walk away with a clear idea of the pros and cons of doing it yourself in-house vs. using a third-party filer

  • And more!

Most importantly: know the potential future consequences of your decisions with eyes wide open and hands well washed before you start down a path that's too tough to turn back from.

This webinar will be presented by Maia Lee, President of Relations at Affinity Fundraising Registration. A former nonprofit professional, Maia spent a decade working at libraries, museums, and international NGOs within marketing and fundraising teams prior to joining Affinity in 2014. Since then Maia has had a hand in every facet of state charitable solicitation for nonprofits of every size working with Affinity’s hundreds of nonprofit customers, and has been keeping a vigilant eye on the changing compliance landscape amidst evolving COVID-19 health concerns. A self-proclaimed anti-saleswoman, Maia educates nonprofits about the registration requirements in an open and honest way that each person them determine the best solution for their organization’s unique needs.




Affinity regularly offers webinars as a resource to the nonprofit community free of charge regardless of charitable solicitation registration status. Follow us for news of upcoming topics!

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