National Council of Nonprofits and Affinity Fundraising Registration Form Partnership to Make Compliance Accessible and Affordable

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June 1, 2016

New collaboration brings options to nonprofits to meet their charitable registration needs.


Denver, CO — Affinity Fundraising Registration (Affinity) and the National Council of Nonprofits (Council of Nonprofits) jointly announce a partnership to bring an added value to nonprofits that are members of their state association of nonprofits: discounted charitable solicitation registration services at levels that fits each organization.


Through the new partnership, state associations of nonprofits that are members of the National Council of Nonprofits have the opportunity to partner with Affinity Fundraising Registration to bring Affinity’s three service levels to their partners at exclusive discounts:


  • Independent Registration (IR) utilizes the Affinity Single Portal for an enhanced do-it-yourself experience, supporting organizations that want to handle their registration and annual renewal process in-house with everything they’ll need in one location.
  • Independent Plus (I+) builds on Independent Registration and adds phone support with Affinity's experienced, US-based staff. I+ also gets subscribers a full review of their information for anything that might cause an application to be rejected.
  • Full Supportis Affinity’s signature service, and the best method for getting initial nationwide filings off the ground and done right. Affinity staff members partner with an organization to assist them throughout the charitable registration process.

    According to Jennifer Chandler, Vice President of National Council of Nonprofits, “This partnership meets our objectives to educate nonprofit organizations about their state charitable registration filing obligations, at the same time giving them a cost-effective means to comply with a host of very complicated state laws.” Chandler added, “Affinity Fundraising Registration is not only experienced with the nuances of various state law requirements but shares the Council of Nonprofits’ values in supporting our network's very important work to create and secure policy environments that are supportive of the important work that charitable nonprofits do every day, enriching lives and solving problems in communities."


    State associations making this exclusive opportunity available to their members include the Colorado Nonprofit Association and the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.


    Additionally, there was a progress report on the Multistate Registration & Filing Portal project. Wireframes of initial pages of the project were shared to provide some long-awaited eye candy! The project has moved into a deep discovery process specific to the regulator's side, uncovering the often tricky realities of registration and regulation among different state offices and learning what implementation might look like among the 13 states that have expressed interest in the project. The initial launch will not cover all 13 states due to the limited technological capacity of many state offices, and at first will likely only cover registration in just a couple states.


    “We appreciate the partnership we have with Affinity and are grateful for the support they offer our membership,” said Renny Fagan, President & CEO of Colorado Nonprofit Association. “The Association's members welcome the discounts they receive and Affinity’s easy to use and adaptable online system.”


    The Affinity Single Portal® ( is the first and only complete online application that enables organizations of all types and sizes to register successfully for state charitable solicitation.


    Users enter data into Single Portal, and within a click can generate fully populated forms for all 39 requiring states and the District of Columbia. Information on all filing requirements is streamlined for the most efficient use of an organization’s resources.


    In development since 2010, Single Portal is updated and maintained daily to integrate changes in state requirements as they happen and meet changing user needs. This ensures that all fundraising registration materials are produced as timely and completely as possible. In addition, Single Portal provides tracking for users to stay on top of all due dates for extensions, renewals, and annual reports.


    A complete estimate of total expected state fees is available online or by email before enrolling in one of the three service levels. Single Portal comes with video instructions, pop-ups, email and phone support, and the flexibility to move between levels of support as needed.


    The Affinity Single Portal® was developed by Marc Lee, President and CEO of Affinity Fundraising Registration. "Single Portal is a key aspect of Affinity's successful Full Support filing process. By licensing our cloud-based application at do-it-yourself subscription levels, we're delighted to have a reliable tool for organizations that cannot afford law firms or third-party providers. State fundraising registration is a detail-oriented process and charities need it demystified so they can come into compliance easily."


    For more information on Independent Registration and Independent Plus subscriptions to Single Portal, visit


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