Posted on August 4, 2023

Leveraging Technology to Simplify the Fundraising Registration Process

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Fundraising is a crucial aspect of many nonprofit organizations’ operations. It ensures that they have the necessary funds to carry out their missions and make a positive impact in the community. However, when it comes to fundraising, there is one aspect that can be particularly complex and time-consuming – multi-state charitable solicitation registration.

Broadly speaking, any nonprofit organization that plans to solicit donations from the public, through either campaigns or online requests, needs to register in each state where those solicitations will take place. Unfortunately, the lack of uniformity among states’ requirements can make the registration process a challenging and cumbersome task. In addition to submitting multiple registration forms, each state has its own set of regulations and requirements that must be met. These include annual commitments to filing reports, paying fees, submitting financial information, and other nuanced requirements based on your organization’s legal standing. 

Whether you’re a small nonprofit just getting started with multi-state fundraising, or a large organization with a long history of fundraising campaigns, utilizing technology presents an opportunity to make the whole process easier and more efficient. By making the move to a digital solution, you can ensure that registering in multiple states is no longer a difficult hurdle, but rather a manageable, streamlined, and intelligent part of your fundraising compliance strategy.

Benefits of Using an Online Fundraising Registration Platform

Many nonprofits still handle initial registration and ongoing compliance requirements in-house despite the administrative burden and constant tracking of the frequently changing state-specific requirements. Some nonprofits opt to rely on legal teams and registered agents to carry out these tasks, and while this strategy can improve compliance and reduce administrative burden, it comes at a higher cost. 

Fortunately, there is another option that can save you time and money on the state filing registration process. At Affinity Fundraising Registration, we’ve developed the first and only comprehensive, customizable, online solution for multi-state charitable solicitation registration. It’s designed to make the registration process infinitely easier while also providing options for additional support, should you need them. 

Setting the industry standard, Affinity was the first registration provider to support users with an all-online environment, and it is still the most complete, transparent, and user-friendly option for entering and tracking your compliance needs without cutting corners.

Here are just a few of the benefits Affinity’s online fundraising registration portal has to offer:

Improve Efficiency and Streamline Processes

Our cloud-based system simplifies knowledge acquisition with regard to state-specific registration requirements, saving organizations weeks of one-by-one research across states for up-to-date information. Rather than tirelessly monitoring for changes in state registration laws, fees, and reporting requirements, you’ll get alerts about changes in state rules and reminders of upcoming deadlines. All you need to do is enter your organization’s information through your assigned portal account.

Choose between our Full Support (FS) or Independent Registration (IR) options that will meet your administrative needs and abilities: 

With IR, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to generate your application forms. You’ll get complete, state-specific templates that will make online filing a breeze. For states that require standard paper filings, you’ll not only get one-click generation of your applications, but you’ll even get digital mailing labels for printing that include a list of state payees, and their addresses for filing state payments.

With FS, Affinity’s seasoned professionals do all of the heavy lifting: we will double-check that your portal information is complete and consistent with what states want, compile all of the most up-to-date paper forms, sticky-note the specific areas in need of your wet-ink signatures, even prepare all online forms for you and submit where legally allowed. When it comes time to annually renew your filings, the process is just as easy. We track all of your deadlines and filing requirements to make sure the process is as efficient and affordable as possible. 

Digital Record Keeping 

By using Affinity’s online platform, you’ll have one centralized place to manage and maintain detailed records of all registration activities and reports. This digital system not only minimizes the risk of noncompliance and its associated penalties, but it also provides easy access and retrieval of documents when needed. This is a game-changer for audit preparation and disaster recovery efforts.

Real-Time Tracking

When you’re dealing with multi-state registration, things can get very complicated, quickly. However, Affinity is nimble, and our online portal responds to state filing requirement changes with prompt programming changes. You’ll have 24/7 access and the ability to create on-demand status reports, as well as track deadlines and fundraising consultant contracts. Never miss state statute updates, form changes, or deadlines, again! 

Multiple Support Levels

The Affinity fundraising registration portal is so complete and easy to use that hundreds nonprofits rely on it for thousands of charitable solicitation filings every year. If you are looking for a transparent, people-focused, comprehensive third-party filing company to partner with you in all of your registration needs–Affinity is ready to meet you!

The Affinity Single Portal® comes with three different levels of support. Independent Registration is a do-it-yourself approach that gives you all of the tools necessary to internally manage your multi-state registration. Full Support is designed to completely relieve the administrative burden. Applications are created and reviewed for you, online registrations are completed on your behalf, application packets are mailed for you, and checks for state fees are written against your escrow account and mailed. If you have more complex support needs due to a name change, relocation, change of fiscal year, or need to register multiple chapters in multiple states, then our Full Support Plus registration services can give you the highest level of registration help and expertise available.

Using technology to manage fundraising registration and compliance requirements can streamline an often complex and labor-intensive process, freeing up valuable time and resources to be redirected towards the organization’s mission. For more information about the Affinity Single Portal® or how Affinity Fundraising Registration can help you fundraise with confidence, please contact us or fill out our free estimate request.

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