Posted on March 6, 2023

5 Reasons To Work With A Fundraising Registration Provider In 2023

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Raising charitable funds legally is complicated, to say the least. If you have a nonprofit and would like to solicit funds, it’s not as easy as filling out a single form, submitting your information, and being done. There are currently 40 states plus the District of Columbia that have laws governing charitable solicitations – and each one is different. Trying to figure out the requirements, forms, fees, and due dates for each one can leave your head spinning and take valuable time away from other important duties like mission fulfillment.

That’s why, if you plan to engage in any type of legal fundraising activities with your nonprofit in 2023, it only makes sense to work with a fundraising registration provider who can help you navigate the complex registration process efficiently, so you can enjoy peace of mind while maintaining compliance. Here are a few of the ways an experienced and reputable fundraising registration provider can help.

Get Expert Guidance

Chances are, you didn’t get into the nonprofit business so you could become an authority on charity fundraising and filling out paperwork. Just as you would seek out a tax law expert to help you file your taxes, a fundraising registration provider can be a guiding partner in navigating the complexities of compliance paperwork.

Each state has different requirements for charitable solicitation, and depending on the state, these requirements can change from year to year. A professional fundraising registration provider can be a knowledgeable resource who will communicate recent registration changes, fee changes, deadline requirements, and any other pertinent information so you can be sure your nonprofit is properly documented and in compliance.

Identify Possible Registration Exemptions

Did you know that not every nonprofit organization is required to register for fundraising? You certainly don’t want to waste your time and resources if it’s not a legal requirement. For instance, many states have exemptions for churches or religious organizations, and educational institutions. Unfortunately, just as the fundraising registration requirements can be complicated and unclear in certain situations, allowable exemptions and their disqualifiers can be equally as confusing.

For instance, online fundraising may be treated differently from solicitations sent by mail. But, just as with other regulations, the exact requirements may differ from state to state. In fact, many states don’t even address it in their statues. So, if online fundraising is something that your nonprofit will be engaged in, it’s a good idea to seek the support of a fundraising registration provider who can guide you on how to proceed.

Get Help with Renewals and Annual Reports

Beyond initial fundraising registration, many states will require annual or bi-annual renewal applications, detailed reports, and financial documents to be submitted. Having to manage this time-consuming and potentially overwhelming amount of paperwork is reason enough to partner with someone who has the expertise and resources necessary to complete these tasks in order to ensure your compliance.

Save Time & Money

Most nonprofits don’t limit their soliciting efforts to just one state, so filing the necessary documentation and fees can be quite a complicated process. That’s because it’s not yet possible to register with multiple states simultaneously through a single online portal, so charitable nonprofits must currently file individual registrations with the relevant agencies in each state. The only alternative is if you work with third-party filing services such as Affinity.

When you consider the arduous process of registering in many states, it’s easy to see how having a fundraising registration provider can be a valuable asset. While some people choose to enlist the help of a law firm, partnering with a company like Affinity Fundraising Registration provides a more affordable, yet just as effective alternative to ensuring your nonprofit is meeting all state fundraising registration requirements.

Did you know that sometimes it makes sense to not solicit funds in a particular state? Since every state has its own requirements (which often include registration fees, renewal fees, and sometimes late fees), if you’re not achieving a favorable return, you may want to limit the number of states you solicit in and avoid triggering state laws requiring registration. Consulting with a fundraising registration provider and being selective about where you perform your charitable solicitation can save you the hassle and expense of registering and maintaining compliance in a state that offers minimal gain.

Ensure You’re In Compliance

When it comes to running a successful nonprofit, working with a registration provider is all about peace of mind and doing everything you can to make sure that the maximum amount of funds reach their charitable purposes. Keep in mind that the risk is high should you choose to take on this responsibility yourself. If you fail to meet national and state-specific requirements, it could result in fines, legal actions, damage to a nonprofit’s reputation, and reluctance from potential donors.

At Affinity Fundraising Registration, we go beyond just providing resources and answering questions. We do the time-consuming work for you – filling out and filing all necessary forms and online applications, submitting renewals and annual reports, and managing extensions and deadlines.

Are you more of the DIY type or don’t have the funds necessary to enlist the help of a third-party filer? We understand, and that’s why we also offer the option for nonprofits to be able to complete their own registrations independently with our easy-to-use Affinity Single Portal®. It’s a valuable tool that provides the means to carry out effective, efficient, in-house charity compliance management.

For more information about Affinity Fundraising Registration or to request an estimate for our fundraising registration services or Independent Registration DIY solution, please send us an email or fill out our online form.

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