I am sure glad we have you to handle this to keep things straight. Happy New Year to you and all the staff!

Please use this new feature to share your experience, comments, requests, feedback or concerns.

Happy to spread the word about Affinity as we are very pleased with your work -- grateful to have you, in fact.

I'm so glad to have you folks do all the 'heavy lifting' for us!

That is awesome news! I was a bit worried about having to create a spreadsheet so this is a big help. [about the expansion of capacity from 3 to 24 Professionals]

I think the registration process has gone great. I can't imagine trying to do this without your help.

It appears the process is working well. Thanks for your proactivity. We're pretty good at following directions, so keep it going ;)

For a team that needs to hold the feet of our leanly-staffed group to the fire as to compliance with state registrations, [Affinity staff] are at the time very client-service oriented and supportive.

My experience has been great. I cannot imagine attempting this process without [Affinity's] help. The portal made a process that is more complicated that it should be, much easier. Most of my questions were answered by the help sections in the portal. Your staff was very friendly & helpful with other questions that I had.

Affinity's system is probably the most efficient and effective from the client side of any registration processes I have seen in my employer and client organizations. The 'Price is Right', too.

It is a pleasure dealing with your entire staff!!!

just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have provided me as we went through our discovery process.

Thank you so much, Marc! It has been such a pleasure working with you! Affinity helped make my job at ... infinitely easier. (when moving to a new position)

Yes, I'd love the chance to brag about you and your excellent team! (when asked for a reference)

Who We Serve

Nonprofits with annual incomes as large as $650 million and as small as $25,000.

Armed Services associations
Associations with multiple chapters
Colleges and Universities
Educational foundations
Environmental organizations
Fraternal societies
Geneological societies
Health-related nonprofits
International aid & relief
Law firms (subcontractor)
Private schools
Professional associations
Regional nonprofits
Religious organizations
Research organizations
Social service organizations
Sports organizations
Startup nonprofits
United Way chapters
Veterans groups

Serving all types of nonprofits

Full Support Online Charitable Solicitation Registration

State charitable registration places huge administrative and financial burdens on nonprofits. Affinity Fundraising Registration solves any nonprofit's multi-state charitable registration challenges with an awesome staff and a partnership-based approach. Our goal is to make the process streamlined, and easy for you.

Affinity provides Single Portal®, the first and only online
multi-state registration solution.

Entirely cloud-based, you enter your information once into Single Portal® — a secure state-of-the-art online database — then review and update it once a year.

Full Support Fundraising Registration includes:

  • 24/7 Access to the Affinity Single Portal®
  • Data entry of your financials (from your 990) by Affinity's staff
  • Experienced-based review of all of your information before filing
  • Digital preparation of all state forms
  • Assembly and mailing of all state registration packets by Affinity's staff — copying and postage included
  • Calculation and payment of state fees on your behalf
  • Identification of possible registration exemptions
  • Applications for exemptions
  • Applications for extensions — at no additional charge
  • Annual registration renewal, and
  • Annual report filings

Choose between nationwide registration and state-by-state support in states you choose.

A flat service fee for initial nationwide registration and renewals in all requisite 40 entities, with no added fees.

Affinity works on your behalf, if needed, to abate or have waived any fines the states might seek to impose.

What you can expect with Affinity:

  • For a much lower cost, you get all the registration services offered by expensive East Coast law firms, and more.
  • To save your time, you are supported by a state-of-the-art database that interfaces directly with our all-digital online client questionnaire.
  • Affinity works with nonprofits of all sizes located all over the United States, and internationally.
  • You get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Affinity supports you through the process, handling all the details for you to bring you into full compliance with state laws.

Click here
for additional information on support costs and to request a free estimate.