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Annual New Details Presentation on State Registration Requirements Helps Charities Comply

For Immediate Release
January 3, 2017

Affinity Fundraising Registration presents upcoming free-of-charge webinar annually as a service to the nonprofit sector.

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Denver, CO — Affinity Fundraising Registration (Affinity) brings its expert resources to the nonprofit community this winter through its most popular webinar.

Whether already in compliance or just beginning to understand the state charity registration process, Affinity’s upcoming webinar shares information not found in any book or website:

"State requirements change all the time," said Marc Lee, Affinity’s Founding President and CEO. "As a company we make it a point to adapt to and incorporate these changes as they occur, but for a smaller nonprofit trying to fulfill their mission and stay in compliance, it’s the little changes they’re not aware of that can cause a simple filing to get caught up by regulators and take ten times longer than it should."

Affinity has been offering informational webinars since 2006, beginning as Affinity Seminars. Affinity’s webinars are now offered quarterly, and focus on compliance-related themes ranging from the upcoming Fundraising Registration 101 and Myth Busting, to in-depth state spotlights, the popular Annual Update, and more.

The seminar will cover:

  • Are you registered? Who wants to know, and enforcement,

  • New online registration platforms,

  • IRS requirements and the single 8868,

  • 990s on the cloud and searchable,

  • Fines to expect, new and old,

  • Co-venture and Cause Marketing registration,

  • Learn many details that have changed in different states including: AK, CT, IL, KY, RI, MA, MD, MN, MS, NC, NV, OR, WA, and WI,

  • Cloud-based DIY registration solutions, and

  • Saving money in the registration process.

Marc Lee is a guest author with About.com and has been a presenter for Network for Good, Association of Fundraising Professionals, National Council of Nonprofits, and Colorado Nonprofit Association.

For more information on Affinity’s webinars, visit https://fundraisingregistration.com/resources/webinars.php.

About Affinity Fundraising Registration
Founded in 2009, Affinity Fundraising Registration is a full support provider of fundraising registration services. Its mission is to partner with nonprofits to relieve the administrative burden of multi-state charitable solicitation registration, enabling organizations in any country or state to focus on fulfilling their core mission.

Affinity supports nonprofits of all types and sizes with the full range of state charitable registration services, all using the online Single Portal® that adapts to meet organizations’ needs.

Whether using Full or Independent Support, customers get unsurpassed resources and prompt streamlined services at nonprofit prices.

Affinity Fundraising Registration is a dba of Affinity Resources® LLC. More at www.FundraisingRegistration.com.