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The legal requirements for fundraising registration are ever changing. As a FREE service to the nonprofit community, we gladly provide registration tips and updates both to our clients and to do-it-yourselfers.

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What Folks Say

References - All information, including client names, is confidential. At the appropriate point in your process we will happily provide client references who have agreed to be contacted privately.

"Marc Lee spent about 1.5 hours with us on initial fact finding to thoroughly explain what is involved in the registration process. This enabled me to present the information to our Board and move forward with national registration."
—Foundation Executive Director

"WOW!  Affinity is fantastic.  If I am ever asked who can help with State Registrations you can be assured the I will give you an A+ recommendation.  You were the best find that I could have hoped for when we found our organization faced with this issue.  Will never be able the thank you guys enough."
—In-house Counsel

"Affinity is available to answer questions/concerns. They provide clear explanations."
—Religious Organization Office Manager

"The personal and professional attention given to us by the senior staff, the President in particular. Prompt responses to our questions have enabled us to process state applications in a very timely manner."
—Armed Services Association Controller

"Affinity is extremely helpful to work with. It is wonderful to turn over everything to them."

"Affinity did a good job of taking a relatively complex process and breaking down the actions required from us into manageable pieces. They have been thorough with explanations and patient with our sometimes delayed responses."
—Assistant Development Officer

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About Affinity Fundraising Registration

Our Mission at Affinity Fundraising Registration is to be a full support provider of state fundraising charity registration services for non-profits of all sizes and types, in any country or state.

We prioritize personalized service. It is our aim to relieve the administrative burden and bring our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are handling all the details of state fundraising registration to bring them into full compliance with the law.

Our standard is excellence as we strive to make the registration process timely, accurate and as efficient as possible. We utilize a transparent process of accountability to assist our clients in raising funds legally in any state and at the same time safeguard their information from any extraneous use or publication.

Affinity Fundraising Registration is a dba of Affinity Resources© LLC, a Colorado company. Please be sure to review our Terms of Use for this website.

Marc Lee, President

Marc Lee, MDiv, retired CFRE
President and Founder
With more than 25 years in nonprofit management, fundraising, and registration, Marc has been a consultant to nonprofit organizations since 1999.

Aurora Lee

Aurora Lee, MBA
Vice President
For over a decade Aurora has been dedicated to helping nonprofits and social enterprises fulfull their missions.

Julie Spear

Julie Spear, BA
Registration Manager

Maia Lee

Maia Lee, BFA
Director of Sales & Marketing

Dana Campbell

Dana Campbell, JD
In-House Counsel
Registration Support Specialist

O'Ryan Jackson

O'Ryan Jackson, BA
Registration Support Specialist

Jaime Levkoff

Jaime Levkoff-Firth, BA

Stephanie Munoz-Fox

Stephanie Munoz-Fox, BA
Marketing & Sales Associate

Nancy Ott

Nancy Villanueva, ThD, MSN
Registration Support Specialist

Jacque Schmidt

Jacque Schmidt
Registration Administrative Support